Ballistics D.O.P.E Patch for Precision Shooting

PVC Data Patch 2”x3”


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 This patch allows you to write drop data and attach it where you want with a hook and look system. Each patch comes with an adhesive loop strip for attachment to hard surfaces. These are completely weatherproof unlike paper data cards.


 Ink, such as a ball point pen, will come off with nail polish remover, GooGone, or similar cleaners. 

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Patch is currently being used by USMC Scout Snipers, US Army Snipers, SWAT Snipers nationwide, professional PRS shooters, and Hunters

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About Us:

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     Data Patches provides professionals, long range shooters, and hunters a weatherproof reusable data card. These patches contain a hook and loop system to allow quick patch changes to adapt to load or climate changes. The patch is flexible and allows it to be affixed to surfaces such as tripod legs. The patch is also weatherproof. They will not deteriorate like paper data cards. Ink, such as a ballpoint pen, can be removed with cleaners such as nail polish remover. Each patch will include an adhesive loop strip which allows the user to attach to a rifle or other hard surface. 

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